Can Dogs Eat Cheese?

Dogs Can Eat Cheese!

Dairy is a common allergen, and even if your dog isn’t allergic to it, many have an intolerance to dairy. If your dog doesn’t show any symptoms, then go ahead. There’s nothing poisonous or dangerous (as opposed to something like raisins or chocolate) about cheese, but serve it in moderation. Small amounts of cheese can be safely eaten by dogs.  Some dogs are lactose intolerant, so they can get bad gas, or diarrhea from cheese.

Cheese slices can be a great way to hide pills for dogs when you need to medicate them. Just roll up the pill into the cheese and what it disappear! Dogs generally like all kinds of cheese.

If you make your dog treats you can generally safely use cheese in the ingredients. However keep in mind that dogs lack significant amounts of lactase, the enzyme needed to break down lactose in dairy products. As a result, some may have difficulty with digestion and end up with stomach upset. Cheese, however, has less lactose than milk and some other dairy products, so it’s less likely to cause problems. If you use only a small amount of low-fat cheese in these homemade treats and your dogs don’t have any digestive upset, you can continue.