Can Dogs Eat Apple Pie?

Can Dogs Eat Apple Pie? Yes, Dogs Can Eat Apple Pie!

If you are asking yourself can dogs eat apple pie? You can be assured that many dogs love apple pie, which is great because in moderation apple pie can be a great treat.

An apple pie is a fruit filled pie in which the main filling ingredient is apples. It is often served with whipped cream or ice cream on top, or alongside cheddar cheese. Pastry dough is generally to create both a top and bottom crust and the tops can be either a lattice design or full cover with small slits for steam release.

While apples contain calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C, and pectin (soluble fibre), but be careful because Apple Pie can contain a lot of sugar, butter and cream, so just as you shouldn’t eat more than a slice or two your dog should limit their intake as well. (for more on Apples see Can Dogs Eat Apples?)

If you make the Apple Pie yourself you will know if all of the ingredients are safe for your dog to eat. If you give your dog a store bought apple pie make sure there are no bad foods like raisins that can be harmful to your dog. (for more on raisins see Can Dogs Eat Raisins?)