What Can Dogs Eat?

Dog Trying To Get FoodSince ancient times, dogs and humans have shared an uncommonly strong bond. They are with us through thick and thin: sleeping with us at night, going for walks with us and comforting us when no one else can.  Unfortunately, dogs sometimes capitalize on their “best friend” status and yank at our emotions to get their paws on one of their most prized treasures: people food.

Be honest, it’s hard to say no to those pleading eyes!  They’re basically our children, after all.  If it’s ok for me to have a bite, why not them?

In most cases, allowing your dog to have people food is an safe thing to do.  In the wild, wolves frequently scavenge and consume a diverse array of fruits and  vegetables. Also, as dogs have acted as the table scrap Roomba for mankind since ancient times, the modern dog has a food tolerance that goes way beyond most animals.

Cute DogIt probably doesn’t surprise you that foods like bananas,  apples, watermelon  and carrots are good for Fido.  On the other hand, some seemingly benign items like grapes and raisins can cause vomiting, lethargy, depression and ultimately kidney failure.

The reason this site exists is to put your mind at ease and help you know the difference.  You’ll be surprised by what you learn.