What Can Dogs Eat?

What Can Dogs Eat?

Dog Eating Pizza With OwnerThe bond between people and dogs is ancient and enduring. Dogs snuggle up to us at night, hang by our side during daily walks, and lie down at our feet when we sit on our couches. Sometimes annoyingly dogs can also hang out a little too much when we are eating. Since dogs seemingly always hungry many canine companions will lurk or beg when they see us eating food. Our initial instinct is to give dogs a bite! Most dogs are beloved by their owners and some even think of them as their children, so most think, well if I am having a bite to eat maybe fido can have a piece too.

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate Cake

Generally this is OK. Dogs evolved and adapted to be much more versatile scavengers. Many studies suggest that the dogs we know today were bred from wolves that began to hang out with ancient man and picked up scraps left or thrown to them. As a result, they can consume a much wider variety of foodstuffs than many animals. That said, some table scraps and snacks are healthier for your dog than others and some foods are dangerous for dogs to eat.

If you’ve been wondering what human foods dogs can eat, we’ve got the info you want. You may be surprised to learn just how many of your meals you’ll be able to share with man’s best friend.

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